Greetings and Welcome

Greetings and Welcome unto the Populace of the East Kingdom,

Coronation of King Edward and Queen Thyra of the East.

Coronation of King Edward and Queen Thyra of the East.
Photo by David Holland.

We would like to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has made us feel welcomed — from the northern shores of Tir Mara to the southern reaches of Carillion.  The outpouring of support has been breathtaking.

Your welcome to us is a precious gift, as the East would not be the vibrant seat of chivalry, learning, service and courtesy that it is without the contributions of everyone from Their Most Royal Majesties to the good gentles attending their first event.  For this reason, We count the opportunity to meet so many of you among the greatest privileges of our office.  Please, join us wherever we may be, bring your friends and introduce yourself to Us.

It is this courtesy which breathes life into our shared dream of the modern middle ages.  And thus we are very committed to the idea that courtesy to every good gentle, in every time and place, by gestures large and small, is the foundation of our Society and most dear to us.  Then as a personal favor to Us, we ask each of you to welcome someone new to our kingdom, thank an event volunteer, extend a hand to a new friend, and demonstrate the best aspects of this Society.

We invite you to get involved in the many joys of our Society.  Contact our volunteer coordinator through this website, or more importantly, you can volunteer in your local Crown Province, Barony, Shire or Canton. Many hands make light work, and your participation is what shapes the character of this Kingdom.

In service to the East
and the Society,

Edward and Thyra,
King and Queen of the East


A Note About Gulf Wars…


Their Royal Majesties plan to be onsite at Gulf Wars by Monday afternoon/evening and look forward to seeing many of our populace for Opening Ceremonies on Tuesday. King Edward plans to participate in the Rapier Field and Ravine Battles as well as the majority of the Chivalric War Points. Queen Thyra looks forward to the Archery Grand Exposition and joining the Army in some of the Rapier War Points. And of course, We look forward to seeing you at the Green Dragon Tavern and so many of the parties before departing for Our Beloved Homeland on Saturday.

More about the Eastern Expedition to Gulf Wars….