A Scribal Largesse Challenge and Competition at Crown Tournament

Unto the Scribes of the East a Challenge is given!

Some believe that the pen is as mighty as the sword, and so, in celebration of the Eastern Crown Tournament, we bring to you a challenge to make a scroll blank, suitable for any occasion, with appropriate room for calligraphy and arms.

The display and competition will take place October 27, 2012 in Endewearde (Ellsworth, Maine) during the Crown Tournament of Edward and Thyra.

There shall be three categories – novice, intermediate, and expert *(Maunches and Laurels in the Scribal Arts ought to consider themselves to be experts; this extends to alternative materials scrolls, such as those done in wood, embroidery, etc.) – with awards for the top score in each. A single populace favorite will be awarded as well.**

Entrants need not be registered with the East Kingdom College of Scribes to participate.

Entrants may also exhibit works without entering the competition.

Entrants need not be present to enter, and may arrange for another gentle to courier their entries to and from the event. (Please leave your contact information on the back of the scroll if you will not be present, so we may contact you if you win.) If you cannot be present and wish your item to be included in the largesse for either kingdom, you may ship the piece to Baroness Aneleda Falconbridge, who is organizing the competition, and she will submit the entry on your behalf.

Entrants may opt to donate their work as a gift to either the Kingdom of Atlantia to assist in the reduction of their backlog, or to the East Kingdom Tyger Clerk of the Signet, to assist with any last-minute needs of the Crown of the East.

If you wish to donate your entries, please sign the following information in pencil on the back of your scroll blank(s): Your SCA name and your email address; further contact information (street address and mundane name) may also be penciled on the back of your scroll, in the event that a recipient wishes to thank you.

Multiple entries of scroll blanks are permitted.

As a gentle reminder, please do not place blank circles for badges and empty shields for Arms on the scroll so donated scroll blanks an be used for any occasion.

Please leave a margin of at least 1 1/2” around the edges of your page.

Materials are required to be archival. As a recommendation of materials, a short list is described below:

  • Acid-free paper (hot press watercolor paper, or Bristol board) or parchment (pergamenata, or animal skin) is required.
  • Gouache is preferable for opacity; please avoid oil-based paints, modern tempera, acrylic and fabric paints, markers, and crayon. If you intend to use period pigments, please place a note next to your entry.
  • Alternative materials scroll blanks (such as carved wood, bone, or embroidery) are permitted.

Historic sources and documentation are encouraged, but not required, in all categories.

Please pick up your entries during the quarterfinals; if you cannot pick up your work at that time, kindly consider sending a runner. Any entries left remaining after the finals will be considered as largesse. Questions about the challenge and competition should be directed to Aneleda Falconbridge at aneleda @ yahoo.com.


* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~  * ~ * ~ * ~  * ~ * ~ * ~

**Aneleda’s Suggestions on How to Guess At What Level You Ought to Consider Entering…

  • Expert: You have a Laurel or Maunche in C&I, and/or you do this professionally, and/or you’re good enough to do this professionally (and just don’t.) You have likely created pieces for other competitions and have done scrolls for Orders of High Merit, Peerages, and such. You would have the knowledge to  teach others about this art form, and may currently do so.
  • Intermediate: You’ve been asked to create scrolls for the Kingdom, maybe a few A0As, or other awards. You also probably are a local go-to for C&I items for your local group as gifts or baronial awards. You have solid skills, and could probably teach an intro level class on some aspect of C&I, even if it’s just to one person as a tutor. (You may also be a student to an apprentice, or even be an apprentice.)
  • Novice: You’ve never tried this before now, or you’ve maybe tried a few techniques at some classes, or made a couple of things for friends as presents. You may have done some work in your shire or barony. You may also (like Aneleda) have had to think for a moment about what C&I means before you realized it is short for Calligraphy & Illumination. You have probably not entered many competitions and the thought of this one could be making you nervous even as you read this. (You should enter! It’s good for you!)