Crown Tournament of Edward and Thyra – Oct. 27

King Edward and Queen Thyra are pleased to announce that their Fall Crown Tournament will take place in the Shire of Endewearde on October 27.

Victory in their Crown Tournament will require competency in multiple weapon forms, possibly to include great swords and Dane axes.  More details will be posted on the event website as the date approaches. FOR DETAILED INFORMATION ON THE COMBAT FORMAT and on SUBMITTING LETTERS OF INTENT, VISIT:

Camp Jordan is about a 30 minute drive southeast of Bangor, Maine.  If searching for lodging, there are numerous options in Bangor and a few in Brewer (across the bridge about 25 minutes from the site).  Another option is the lovely Lucerne Inn about 5 minutes from the site.  “Crash space” may also be available with some residents of Endewearde.

There will be a day board and a feast at this event.  Reservations are being capped at 130 people.  Please see reservation information below.  Any questions regarding dietary concerns can be addressed through the Feast Steward.

The site is a large, well groomed Y camp and all of the ambiance and character you might expect in the Maine woods alongside a lake.  There will be a moderate amount of walking from lodge to list fields along well traveled pathways.  Please plan accordingly.  If you have a handicapping condition that effects mobility, please contact the autocrat regarding your needs prior to attending the event.

This site is wet.  Enjoy your potables responsibly.

8:00 Site/Gate opens

10:30 MOL sign in for combatants

10:45 Begin line up for Procession

11:00 Procession begins (Promptly)
Dayboard Opens (closes at the start of the quarterfinals)

12:00 First Round of the Tournament begins

Athena’s Thimble Panel in the King Dining Hall
Scribal Largess Competition in the Triangle Lodge
A&S display in the Triangle Lodge

(after this, all timing is approximate)

6:00ish Court (In King Dining Hall)

7:00 Reset dining hall for feast

7:30ish Feast

 ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~     ~~~   ~~~  ~~~   ~~~

Fall Crown Tournament  |  October 27, 2012  |  Shire of Endewearde

Camp Jordan
101 Camp Jordan Way
Ellsworth, ME 04605


The vast majority of the kingdom will need to make way to Bangor, Maine via 95.
If you are northbound: Take Exit 182A to 395 East.
If you are southbound: Take Exit 182B to 395 East
Merge onto US-1A E via EXIT 6A toward Coastal Route/US-1/Ellsworth/Bar Harbor. (13.2 mi.)
Turn sharp right onto Winkumpaugh Rd. (.5 Mi.)
Turn left onto Hansons Landing Rd. (.6 mi.)
Turn right onto Camp Jordan Way (Portions unpaved). (.6 Mi.)
is on the right.

Site opens at 8:00 AM
Site Closes at 11:00 PM

Site fees:
$10 per adult
$5 Youth 10-17
Youth under 10 Free

Feast Fees:
$10 per adult
$5 Youth 10-17
Youth under 10 Free

Please make checks out to:  SCA INC, Shire of Endewearde

Feast attendees must preregister at least 10 days prior to Crown Tournament (October 17)

**NOTICE** Residents of Tir Mara (only) may choose to send good faith reservations to Lord Gwillim for feast.    Please know that you should pay in US funds at gate and should also indicate to the gate attendant that you need to pay for feast.  We reserve the right to release those seats if you are not on site by noon.  We are offering this option as a courtesy to help with the currency exchange. 

All preregistrations should be mailed to the Feast Steward:

Lord Gwillim Kynith
MKA Brian Hubbard
557 Dow Rd
Orrington, ME 04474

Lady Sylvia du Vey
MKA Sylvia Ferrell
Please no phone calls after 9:30 PM without appointment.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Instructions on Submitting Letters of  Intent to Compete
Unto all who desire to enter the Fall Crown Tourney, greetings!
In accordance  with the Laws of the East Kingdom (section II.B.), both the combatant and consort are asked to send a letter of intent, preferably in a joint email or mailed letter, toTheir Royal Highnesses
(prince / princess
with a copy to the
Seneschal (ekseneschal later than thirty days prior to Crown Tourney (SEPTEMBER 27).This requirement may be waived, on a case-by-case basis, by the Crown King and Queen.
The letters of intent must include, at a minimum, all of the following information for both combatant and consort (If both entrants are combatants, it should be clearly indicated):
society name and legal name,
telephone number
years of residency in the East Kingdom

Letters must be accompanied by proof of membership with an expiration date that is valid at least 30 days after Crown Tourney.
Proof of valid membership consists of a copy of a valid membership card, copy of a Pikestaff label showing name and expiration date, a postcard (with a date-stamp) or letter from the Corporate office, or a confirmation form printed from the website after an online membership
Confirmation of faxed membership applications with credit card receipts CANNOT be accepted as proof of membership.

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