Questions Oft Asked

How do I pronounce the princess’ name?
‘Thura’ but with a little bit of an ‘oo’ sound.  It is Danish. ‘Theera’ and ‘Thy-ra’ are okay. Please avoid ‘Thora’. (Þóra Eiríksdóttir)

What are the Royal Emergency-Sammich orders?
King: turkey (or most meats), cheddar (or muenster, harvarti, pepper jack), onions, lettuce, tomato, miracle whip and/or spicy mustard, wheat or oat or multi-grain (not rye or pumpknickle)
Queen: turkey, cheese (no Swiss or American), available veggies (no onion or pickle), a little mayo, any non-white bread

Anything else I should know about their food preferences?
The Queen will sample anything once (do not doubt being sent on a quest, should this be tested beyond the limits of decency). Spiced is fine, hot-spicy is less so. Garlic and vinegar should enhance the food, not define it. Sweet is good, but very sweet is not good. Dried coconut and marzipan are not to the princess’ taste.

The King is a fan of roots (onions and garlic), but not a fan of hot yogurts (as in sauces). Spices up to a medium threshold are nice.

Please see their Preferences for more details, or contact their secretary.

How does the Queen like her tea?
Black tea with milk
Green or white tea plain
Gen mai cha with honey
Chai with steamed milk, sweet

What other things does the Queen like to do, besides dance?
Shoot things with a bow. Embroider things. Have proper tea. Plan silly things to do. Calligraphy. Complain about illumination. Help out. Learn new things.

What other things does the King like to do, besides winning tournaments?
The King is a fan, and dabbles in many diversions be they martial or craft.

How many kingdoms have they visited?
Both have visited AEthelmearc, the Midrealm, Atenveldt, Caid, and Gleann Abhann.
The King has also visited Atlantia, the West, Meridies, and the Outlands, and hails from the Principality of Oertha (Barony of Winters Gate).
The Queen has also been to Ealdormere.
Both have traveled the continent and abroad mundanely.

What are their registered arms?









Gules, a greyhound rampant to sinister between three mullets of four points argent, a bordure fleury Or.

Gules, a dance between three lozenges argent.

I would like to give Their Majesties a gift, do you have ideas for what they might like?
Thank you so much! Please talk to Mistress Eva Woderose about this (eva.woderose @ gmail .com).

What’s this I hear about hedgehogs?
We disavow any and all knowledge regarding the relevance of hedgehogs.