His Majesty Edward

Edward Grey of Lochleven, King of the East Kingdom, Knight of the Society, is an Englishman living in the time of King Richard II.  Edward is a founding member and the head (benevolent English Overlord, if you will) of House Lochleven.  Edward is committed to his lady wife Baroness Cassandra Grey and their child William Grey, but for reasons of political necessity, and for the peace of the realm and at home, has elevated his consort Þóra Eiríksdóttir (called Thyra) as Princess of the East Kingdom.

Edward began his career as son to an English lord and served as governor to the Scottish border village of Lochleven. Having gained some reknown as a man at arms, Edward gained the right of Arms from Lucan VI and Jana III in A.S. XXXV, and the Household of Lochleven has flourished since, gaining grant by Baron Aquel and Baroness Johanna in A.S. XXXV.

As a fighting man, Edward is one of the founding and prominent members of the Army of Lochleven.  Having served as a sometime Warchief, Edward has helped this group grow into one of the strong fighting houses of the East Kingdom.  As the Army of Lochleven served closely with the forces of House Von Drachenklaue in its formative years, Edward has developed many strong ties of friendship within House VDK and the Northern Army.

Edward has attained numerous accolades for his fighting prowess: Order of Perseus (Carolingian fighting order) – Baron Jehann, Order of Tygers Combatant – Darius III and Roxanne III, and has served as  Armored Melee Champion to multiple Eastern Crowns before joining Lord Colin macEoin, now Sir, in service to the ICOD knight Sir Gryffith FitzWilliam and his lady Aikaterine FitzWilliam, then King and Queen and now Duke and Duchess.  As squire to Sir Gryffith, Edward served as Armored Champion to Her Majesty Aikaterine, and Armored Melee Champion to Their Royal Majesties Gryffith and Aikaterine, before being elevated to knighthood by Andreas III and Gabriella I. Sir Edward served as Chivalric advisor to HRM Brenwen I’s guard and as Armored Chivalric Melee Champion to Konrad I and Brenwen I; Andreas IV and Gabriella II.

By right of arms, Edward became the 85th Eastern king and crowned Marguerite Ingen Lochlainn as Queen.  Edward’s knightly lineage includes a long line of ICOD kings stemming from Sir Earl Shannon to Duke Sir Gregor and Duke Sir Gryffith.  The reign of Edward and Marguerite included many accomplishments from victories upon the field of Pennsic XXXIX, crusades in foreign lands and friendships gained.

Since this time, Edward has served the East upon foreign fields, as Rapier Champion to Her Majesty Aikaterine II and Armored Champion to His Majesty Gregor III.

Duke Edward’s personal household includes his direct family: Baroness Cassandra Grey and their son William Grey; as well as several men at arms and their families: Lord Eoghan, Esquire, his Lady Chiara, their son Jaccobi and the twins Asher and Zoe (Birka A.S. XLIII); Hrafn, his lady Mechthild and their son Alex, (Balfar’s Challenge, A.S. XLIII); Baron Matthias, Esquire, and his lady, Princess Thyra (Estrella War, AS XLIV); Baron Lachlann, Esquire, and his lady Baroness Clarice (Balfar’s Challenge, A.S. XLVIII).