The East is renowned throughout the Known World both for its craftspeople and for its generosity. There will be a number of occasions during the next several months when our beloved King Edward and Queen Thyra would like for our artisans to display their skill to visiting Royalty and to the people of this Kingdom alike. Be you a seamstress, a smith, a scribe, or a chandler, please consider making an item or two for a Royal gift or the East Kingdom Toy Chest. Items should be of good quality, of period materials (where possible), and when the recipient is known, suited to his or her personae. Information on Royal personae will be updated as it becomes available for your convenience.

Please direct all gift donations and any questions to Lady Mechthild Welandstochter.

Items for Birka Gift Baskets (01.25.13)

The overall theme of these baskets is Viking, both in honor of Birka, and our fair Queen Thyra. Their Majesties may also be having Mongolian guests, if your skills lie more in the Easterly direction. Some ideas for gifts follow, but you should by no means limit yourself to the items suggested (please also bear in mind that portability is a must as many guests are traveling quite a distance):

Naabinders/Knitters: socks, caps, hand warmers—think small and cozy

Potters: cups, small bowls

Scribes: scroll blanks, homemade inks, raw materials, brushes, ink trays; personalized illuminations or heroic stories are also fun possibilities!

Woodworkers/bone workers: cups, drinking horns, pyrographies

Metal smiths/pewter casters/jewelers: coins, pendants, enamel work

Narrow workers: tablet weaving, card weaving, inkle, etc.

Seamstresses/Tailors/Embroiderers: bags, pouches, embroidery kits, stuffed toys

Cooks: sweet and savory treats in small packages; cheeses; hard sausages; pickles (please check with the Gift Coordinator first regarding known allergies/dislikes of their Majesties’ guests)

Musicians: sheet music, silver disks to play in a magic minstrel box (CDs)

And these are not the only possibilities! If you have another brilliant idea or burning creative urge, speak up!

Newcomer tokens
An Dubhaigeainn Investiture 11/10/12 and on-going)

These should serve as a remembrance of a person’s first event and hopefully the crown that gave them. Therefore, it is nice if they have some tie-in to their Majesty’s reign.  They can be a small string of colored beads, pewter coins, a fabric favor, etc.

Items for the Royal Toy Chest
(for An Dubhaigeainn Investiture 11/10/12 and on-going)

Their Majesties greatly enjoy giving gifts to the children of the realm during court. Toys made from period materials (cloth, wood, metal, leather)

Toys for Children

  • Stuffed animals
  • Balls
  • Wands
  • Finger puppets
  • Necklaces

Toys for Young Adults

  • Embroidery kits
  • Spindles & wool
  • Leather helmets
  • Shields
  • Wooden swords/axes
  • Games (tafl, morris, marbles, fox & geese, etc.)
  • Pouches

There are many more possibilities, so don’t be afraid to give your imagination free reign!