Royal Progress

Their Majesties are planning on attending the following events*:

Pennsic: 7/25-8/10
King’s and Queen’s Equestrian Championships: 8/23
Battlemoor: 8/27-9/1 (His Highnes only)
Lady of the Rose Tournament: 9/20
Coronation: 9/27
Great Western War: 10/8-10/12
King’s and Queen’s Rapier Championship: 10/18
Crown Tournament: 11/1
Concordia Investiture: 11/8
Simply Allegorical: A Masque in Venice: 11/15
100 Minutes War: 11/22
Tir Mara A&S and Armored Championships / Ruantallan Investiture: 11/29
Feste des Glaces: 12/6
Bergental/BBM Yule: 12/13
Coronation of Persephene and Dionysios (Kingdom of Acre): 1/3
Carillion Investiture / 12th Night: 1/17
Birka: 1/24
King’s and Queen’s Bardic Championship: 1/31
Dragonship Haven Investiture: 2/21
Estrella War: 2/25-3/2
King’s and Queen’s A&S Championship / Ille du Dragon Dormant Investiture: 3/7
Black Rose Ball: 3/14
Gulf Wars: 3/15-3/22

They are also expecting to attend the following events, which have not been scheduled:

Mudthaw: probably 3/28

*Event dates may change. Please consult with the official East Kingdom website,, for the most accurate event information.