The Great Northestern War (the rest of the story)

Greetings All,

For those of you who may not know, GNEW pits the martial prowess of the Barony of Malagentia and allies against another Barony, in this case L’ile du Dragon Dormant, and allies.  This year, this contest between Malagentia and Dragon Dormant is enhanced with a story line for those interested in such things.  In particular, a succession war between Their Royal Majesties’ declared daughter and heir, Aethelthryth Kenricing, and Their Royal Highnesses, Edward Grey of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir.

This “throw down” was announced into court at Sommer Draw – K & Q Armored Champions, with the hope that the populace will be moved to play along, and join whatever side suits them.  Please, recognize this shtick for what it is, a rather tongue and cheek play to add some fun to our game, and recognize that ALL the leadership in this “story” stand in direct fealty to the Crown.  If you personally have questions or concerns about your particular oath / fealty, please do not hesitate to speak with the Crown at GNEW.

For all the public banter to date, you have but to read on.

In service to the East,
Kenric and Avelina, King and Queen
Edward and Thyra, King and Queen


This year the Barony of Dragon Dormant is the official opposition at Great Northeastern War and some role-play has been going on to set the stage for most interesting war. For those who are just joining us, here is the story so far. Please feel free to forward to forward to other list so that more people can know what is going on.
Baron Angus McHaley of Île du Dragon Dormant

The Facts:
– At coronation their Majesties Kenric and Avelina named their daughter Aethelthryth as Queen Royale and heir to their throne.
– At crown tournament Edward valiantly fought for Thyra and won the day in the royal list, becoming Highnesses of the East and of Tir-Mara and heirs to the throne of the East Kingdom.

The Problem:
– There are now two successors who claim to be next in line to the throne of the East, we are going into a war of succession.

The Factions:
– Their Majesties supported by the Province of Malagentia wish to change tradition and have Kings Royale Aethelthryth be their majesties successor.
– Their Highnesses backed by the Barony of Île du Dragon Dormant and the people of Tir-Mara want to protect their highnesses rightful claim.

The Battle field:
– The plains of the Province of Malagentia, during the Great Northeastern War

The Shtick:
This is a digest of the correspondences between the Baron Angus McHaley of Île du Dragon Dormant and Baroness Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir seneschal of the Province of Malagentia

~~~ June-19 ~~~

From:    Baron Angus McHaley
Subject: Our King is the rightful heir!

Greeting to the great people of Crown Principality of Tir-Mara, our highnesses require your aide! During their coronation, King Kenric and Queen Avelina had declared their daughter as their heir. Some in this kingdom would see her succeed to their majesties instead of rightful heirs Edward and Thyra prince and princess of the East and of Tir-Mara.

The warmongering province of Malagentia is first amongst them and we the Baron and Baroness of l’Île du Dragon Dormant cannot stand idle while our lineage of great leaders, earning their place by right of arms, is bisected is this way.

We invite you to join your Royal Highnesses and our Barony on the fields of the Great Northeastern War as we settle this matter the way we select our kings… by feat of arms.

In service,

Baron Angus McHaley and Baroness Tadea Isabetta di Bruno
Of l’Île du Dragon Dormant

Disclaimer: Arms may include, pole-arm, rapier, bow, song, knowledge, tasty brews, maple-walnut apple crisp, bacon or any other weapon of choice.

~~~ June-19 ~~~

From:    Baroness Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir
Subject: RE: Our King is the rightful heir!

Dearest Baron Angus,

I hope that I can dissuade you from this foolish quest. I have counted you and your lovely Baroness my friends over the years and feel I must warn you before it is too late. I know that Tir Mara is overjoyed to have their King and Queen! Perhaps in their newly found station Edward and Thyra have lost control over their senses! For them to suggest this undertaking is folly.

Kenric is the true and rightful King and Avelina his Queen. I was present at the coronation when they made their oaths to the people of the East. Since their accession to the throne they have been
the epitome of just and merciful rulers. Keep in mind at their time of coronation no one made issue with the naming of their child heir, including his highness Edward. Yes, I know he wasn’t King at the time which is why I find it odd that all of the sudden he has issue with the secession….

I digress, you call us warmongers! Yet I come to you in friendship and love to try and cease this action before it must come to blows and bloodshed. Is that the act of warmongers?

Do not be fooled however by my personal plea to you. Should you and the rest of Tir Mara continue these treasonous actions, Malagentia and our allies will meet you upon the fields at Hebron, crush your uprising and scatter what is left of your forces back to your northern lands.

I pray you come to your senses before it is too late!

Baroness Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir the Valkyrie of Malagentia

~~~ June-20 ~~~

From:    Baron Angus McHaley
Subject: RE: Our King is the rightful heir!

Dearest Baroness Astride,

Kenric is the true and rightful King and Avelina his Queen, they were bestowed this right after Kenric claimed victory in the crown tournament of our kingdom… King Edward did the same while fighting for Thyra. The laws of our kingdom do not state that you shall only become King and Queen for Tir-Mara after winning this tournament; you also become Royal Highnesses of the East Kingdom and successors to their Majesties of the East.

Upholding the laws and traditions of our kingdom is not a foolish endeavour, it is my responsibility as a Baron in these lands and it is a charge I have sworn to fulfill. Where you see treasonous action, I see nobles and populace rising up in service to the Crown of the East for its continued strength and longevity.

Supreme executive power is not a trait passed on to your progeny as it is with color of hair or length of nose. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate won by feat of arms in the Royal List. What will be suggested next? Women in lakes throwing weapons at people they deem worthy of being crowned king… preposterous.

Your pleas, though heartfelt, will not blind us from continuing the task at hand. The necessity for brash actions comes from the foe we face in this matter. Every year we must muster our troops and travel to the lands of Malagentia to help settle this or that squabble your province has gotten itself involved with and it always comes to blows. So why will it be different this time?

Until the time comes that their Majesties require their heirs to succeed them, we will work to ensure that those who dispute their Highnesses claim will not be successful. King Edward and Queen Thyra will be crowned as their Majesties of the East when the time comes as it is their right, as it is their duty.

Baron Angus McHaley and Baroness Tadea Isabetta di Bruno, Dragons of the Isle

~~~ June-24 ~~~

From:    Baroness Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir
Subject: RE: Our King is the rightful heir!

Baron Angus,

I do understand that this breaks with our current tradition.  I also know how hard it is for many folks to look at change as a good and needed thing. Our King is wise and has observed that the East Kingdom is growing old and stodgy, we fall time after time into rote and routine.  This kind of complacence leads to certain weakness that other lands could use against us.

Is it not time for us to size this opportunity and help our King resurrect the East Kingdom from it’s doldrums into a new and golden age?  The doors this new succession line can open are many.  The youthful and brave champions and allies that a fair lovely lass such as the Queen Royal could attract to our kingdom can do wonders to breathe a new life and fire into the hearts of all the people and we can become the most mighty and rich of all the Kingdoms.

Please reflect on what this change can accomplish in the long run for the greater good of the kingdom.  Do not fall prey to the comfort of the norm, open your mind to the possibility that this is what we need to do to become mightier than ever.

Baroness Astrid Sigrun Ulfkillsdottir the Valkyrie of Malagentia

~~~ June-29 ~~~

From:    Baron Angus McHaley
Subject: RE: Our King is the rightful heir!

Baroness Astride,

Rare are the people that can embody the skills needed to rule a kingdom, to be skilled at the arts of war and arts of peace is a necessity. That is why those who fight in the Royale list are not alone, they have consorts that complete them so they may address the many aspects of our kingdom. As much as I would like to believe it, I  feel you are misguided if you think Queen Royale Aethelthryth has attained those skills at her young age.

Our heirs are chosen by the sword for a reason, because we need a ruler that understands the arts of war, a champion. We are surrounded by kingdoms who seem to have no clue whether we are friend or foe. Take for example this year, good King Kenric was able to broker peace with the Middle, a grand achievement that has been rarely seen. Atlantia, Aethelmarc and Ealdomere then decided to turn around and form an alliance that now menaces the borders of both our kingdoms. That is why we are a kingdom of warriors with a warrior as our ruler, our lives depend on it. When the time comes that we must step on the field of battle it is our honor, prowess and bravery in the arts of war as well as our skill, creativity and dedication in the arts of peace that will attract champions and allies; not parading a young girl as a prize to be won.

If Queen Royale Aethelthryth Kenricing wishes to be Queen of the East, when comes of age she can win it by right of arms or find a consort who will win her that right. For the first I offer my pole-arm for lessons, for the second I offer my pole-arm in the list. She has only to send a rider north if she requires this of me.

The pursuit of you and your people to put hopes and dreams behind this young girl is clouding your judgement and is driving your province into war… yet again. I hope you come to your senses before we have to cross swords in your lands… yet again.

Baron Angus McHaley and Baroness Tadea Isabetta di Bruno, Dragons of the Isle

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